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44th Annual Spring Conference

April 20-21, 2020

@ Marriott Columbus University Area | 3100 Olentangy River Road | Columbus, Ohio

Keynote Speakers and Breakout Sessions Featuring OhioMHAS System of Care and Ohio Education initiatives featuring the strategic plan: Each Child, Our Future, and including many sessions for Leaders, Trauma-Informed Care, Behavioral Health, Foster Care and Adoption, FFPSA updates, and much much more!

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Powerhouse Advocates for Children Join Forces

Strategic Partnership will result in better advocacy for Ohio’s Children

October 25, 2019

Columbus, Ohio – Today, Voices for Ohio’s Children announces a strategic partnership with the Ohio Children’s Alliance.

There is no question that the two organizations share a common mission to purpose: to advocate for Ohio’s children and families. Over the last several months, the organizations have explored how this partnership will enhance their shared ability to advocate for children and produce better public policy in Ohio. Combining their strengths – Voices’ public communications and grassroots advocacy — and the Alliance’s educational programs and community partnerships — will produce a greater impact for Ohio’s kids and families.

“In this highly competitive and politically charged environment, it becomes more important than ever before to make sure that Ohio has strong advocates for children,” said Brandi Slaughter, CEO of Voices for Ohio’s Children. “With recognition that the Voices mission and goals are better served in partnership instead of standing alone, we are thrilled to be joining Ohio’s oldest and largest children advocacy organization, the Ohio Children’s Alliance.”

Voices will fully join the Ohio Children’s Alliance on November 1, 2019. The Voices program will sustain an independent focus on children’s health and the systems that support Ohio’s children. This new partnership adds resources and expertise that will empower the Ohio Children’s Alliance to further fulfill its mission.

“Under our new partnership, we expanded our issue base, added advocacy and communication resources, and widened our collaboration with government agencies, foundations, and the health care system,” said Mark Mecum, CEO of the Ohio Children’s Alliance. “We are better positioned today to empowering kids and their families through advocacy. While we have a lot of work to do, we now have more resources and tools to get it done.”

“Recognizing the need for a strong advocacy voice, the decision to partner with the Ohio Children’s Alliance came after much deliberation,” Dr. Norman Christopher, Board Chair for Voices for Ohio’s Children noted. “The members of Voices’ Board did not make this decision lightly; but rather engaged in a deep evaluative process and explored all possible scenarios. Ultimately, the decision to affiliate with the Ohio Children’s Alliance was made to ensure that the work and mission of Voices could be continued in the context of this exciting new partnership.”

Brandi concluded “I would not be true to this work, if I did not advocate for what is in the best interest of Ohio’s children. Our partnership with the Ohio Children’s Alliance preserves the legacy of the Voices organization while allowing for expansion of the good work the policy community has come to appreciate from us. Kids deserve strong advocates, Voices just became a stronger voice for kids as a result of our union.”

The time is now to invest in what works and to embrace new strategies to address our state’s complex and costly problems.

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Salary Data for Top Executives and Professional, Direct Service, and Support Staff is provided in our customized compensation report and is broken down by the following categorical variables: Annual Operating Budget, Staff Size, Geographic Location

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