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We're working to improve the quality of life for families & secure a brighter future for the state of Ohio.

The foundational elements of our policy priorities define our strong membership.

Legislator Resources:
Our Advocacy Projects:

Advocating for Ohio's children and families. The time to invest is now.


Promoting policies around best practices and support for foster parenting.

Help Enhance Our Advocacy Efforts

We depend on public policy partners to develop and advance sound policies to benefit Ohio’s children and their families. Public policy partners enhance our knowledge base with their policy depth, content expertise and experience working with children’s issues.


Child-serving agencies, faith-based organizations, health care institutions, physicians, corporations and individuals that care about and advocate for improving the well-being of children are eligible to become public policy partners. Our partners are local, regional and statewide advocates for children. 

Interested in partnering with us for advocacy?

Kate Rossman

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