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The Ohio Children’s Alliance, in collaboration with Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, is excited to launch the Fostering Futures Program.


This program will allow skilled, motivated, and driven Ohio Opportunity Youth (OOY) who are interested in pursuing education and training to launch their career. With additional support from The Columbus Foundation, the Ingram-White Castle Foundation, Columbus State Community College, and The Buckeye Ranch we are committed to designing a new career pathway to empower OOY to overcome adversity, achieve goals, and become productive members of our community.  


The Fostering Futures pilot begins May 2024 in Central Ohio, with course work beginning June 2024. The pilot program will include four main sections:

Culinary Skills Training

  • Provided by Columbus State Community College, youth will attend 16 weeks of tailored coursework, ending with an optional credit assessment.


Success Coaching

  • Contracted through the Buckeye Ranch, the Success Coach will provide participating OOY with career assistance and resource connections beginning with orientation, through post-placement job mentoring. 

  • The Success Coach will distribute Emergency and Normalcy Funds as needed to reduce barriers to success.


Employer Engagement

  • Hospitality and Food Service Employers will collaborate with the Ohio Children’s Alliance to provide job placements.


Outreach, Engagement, and Recruitment

  • With a focus on program awareness, youth enrollment, and building connections with community partners.

Chef Preparing Pizza

Launch your career, with Fostering Futures!


  • Free tailored college credited course through Columbus State Community College

  • Financial support to reduce barriers to help you prioritize classes

  • Receive personalized support from our expert success coaches for the duration of the program

  • Opportunity for paid job placement at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants

Student Eligibility: 

  • Be between 18 and 24 years old

  • Have an interest in a career in the Culinary or Hospitality field

  • Are facing barriers to employment, are currently or previously unhoused, or were placed in foster care

  • Are able to attend classes and work in Columbus


Due to the nature of this opportunity, we are limited to accepting a select group of students. Please note, all applicants will receive an accepted or declined response.

Thank you to our program partners!

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