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Child & Adolescent Center of Excellence (COE)


Child & Adolescent Center of Excellence

The Ohio Children’s Alliance, serving as a subgrantee to Case Western Reserve University, administers a Financial Services Program to reimburse participating Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) and Functional Family Therapy (FFT) providers.

Providers may utilize FSP funding if youth meet the following criteria:

  1. Are referred to the provider by a Title IV-E Agency​

  2. Are determined by the Title IV-E Agency as a candidate for Family First Prevention Services,

  3. Lack Medicaid coverage​.

In order for the youth to be eligible, the Title IV-E Agency must:

  1. Have the case open as a prevention services case in SACWIS.

  2. Complete the case service for evidence-based practice MST/FFT and link it to the case plan with the status set to provided.

  3. Email a copy of the SACWIS prevention services referral form to the COE.

  4. Keep the case open until MST/FFT services are complete.

The Financial Services Program reimbursement rate for Multi-Systemic Therapy and Functional Family Therapy will mirror the prevailing Ohio Medicaid reimbursement rate for those services. See Reimbursement Rates >

If you are a certified MST or FFT Provider and wish to access this funding you must complete two simple onboarding steps:

  1. Attend a meeting with our Program Coordinator to complete the overview session of the program. You can request the meeting by emailing

  2. Sign a Provider Agreement outlining all details of the program.





Current Funding Opportunities:

There are currently no opportunities available. Please check back. Thank you.

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