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Carol Taylor, MA

Senior Program Manager

The Ohio Children’s Alliance, serving as a subgrantee to Case Western Reserve University, will administer a Financial Services Program to equip, support, and pay providers to deliver Multi-Systemic Therapy and Functional Family Therapy services for children eligible for Family First Prevention Services who also lack Medicaid coverage.

The Center of Excellence’s Financial Services Program may reimburse participating providers for MST and/or FFT if delivered pursuant to federal Title IV-E Clearinghouse standards and other program qualifications​

Providers can access the Financial Services Program when they are providing MST or FFT services to children who:​

  1. Are referred to the provider by a Public Children’s Services Agency/Title IV-E Agency​

  2. Are determined by the Public Children’s Services Agency as a candidate for

    Family First Prevention Services, 

  3. Lack Medicaid coverage​

The Financial Services Program reimbursement rate for Multi-Systemic Therapy and Functional Family Therapy will mirror the prevailing Ohio Medicaid reimbursement rate for those services. See Reimbursement Rates >

The federal Family First Prevention Services Act (Family First) was adopted on February 9, 2018, and will be implemented nationwide by October 1, 2021.

Family First goals include:


  1. Help children remain safely at home with their families whenever possible;

  2. Ensure that children who must come into care are in the most family-like and least restrictive setting possible; and

  3. Set the expectation of high standards of care and services for our children and families.

In March 2021, the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services announced the award of a contract to Case Western Reserve University to coordinate a new statewide Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Center of Excellence. The role of the CABH COE is to assist the state in:

  • Support system transformation efforts

  • Building and sustaining capacity for evidence-based (EBP) and evidence-supported practices (ESP)

  • Evaluation and monitoring of fidelity to EBPs and ESPs

  • Building and sustaining a comprehensive standardized assessment process utilizing the CANS

  • Direct service payment for MST and FFT (Family First)

  • Expanding service and care coordination capacity for children with complex behavioral health needs and their families


Child & Adolescent Center of Excellence (COE)

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