We aim to ensure that Ohio’s evolving public policies result in a system that is integrated, efficient, cost effective, and beneficial to those that matter most—children and families. We work closely with state government officials, including leaders at ODJFS, OMHAS, the Governor’s office, General Assembly, and officials at the county and federal levels. 
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Core Values:
  • Every child is entitled to respect as an individual with rights, dreams, and hopes.
  • Every child deserves a safe and healthy environment in which to thrive.

  • Serving children in need today will benefit society tomorrow.

  • We are partners in achieving positive outcomes for children and families by addressing their physical, psychological, social, educational, vocational, and spiritual needs.

  • By working together we can do more good for our clients, our communities, and ourselves.

  • We are committed to lifelong learning and continuing education in best practices.

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2019 Annual Report and Highlights 
Leading Change for Child & Family Service Providers
The Ohio Children’s Alliance, applies the collective strength of its members to sustainably improve the provision of services to children, young adults, and families through policy advocacy, performance improvement, and member support.
The best system for better results.


Dedicated to sharing knowledge, resources and opportunities. Ohio Children’s Alliance places deep value on education and collaboration as a direct means to improvement of service provision for Ohio’s families and children. We convene trainings, webinars, committee presentations, and conferences to equip our members with the knowledge they need to remain successful.


Dedicated to building efficient paths to the best outcomes for Ohio’s children. Our Alliance aims to ensure that Ohio’s evolving public policies result in a system that is integrated, efficient, cost effective, and beneficial to those that matter most – children and families. Ohio Children’s Alliance recognizes behavioral health as a critical service to vulnerable children and families.


Dedicated to promoting the needs of Ohio’s children by being in front, up front and exceedingly prepared for the future. In the ever-changing child and family services landscape, innovation is imperative. Ohio Children’s Alliance strives to find new ways to engage members, increase efficiency, and expand offerings to provide a dynamic membership experience in service to children and families.


Dedicated to fostering a respected community of collaborators. Ohio Children’s Alliance was originally created in 1973 to connect providers and in doing so, to strengthen advocacy efforts, information-sharing, and cohesive collaboration in the child and family services sector. We continue to be a stable, effective organization that puts support of our members first.

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