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  • Do I have to wait until my renewal period to get the Kids First plate for my vehicle?
    You can exchange your current license plate for a Kids First specialty license plate by choosing the “Exchange Your Plates” option on Or exchange your plates in person at the Deputy Registrar.
  • Can I personalize my Kids First license plate?
    Yes, you can personalize your Kids First plate. The fees for personalization of all plates, including the Kids First plate, are retained by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and will not benefit Ohio Children’s Alliance.
  • What if I have a leased vehicle?
    You can purchase a Kids First license plate for your leased vehicle. To do so, obtain a power of attorney form from the leasing company to submit with your renewal registration form.
  • What happens when I renew my plates next year?
    Plate renewals will provide continued support to Ohio’s children. A portion of your annual or bi-annual renewal fees will also benefit Ohio Children’s Alliance.
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