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OhioRISE CANS Trainings in 2022

In 2022, the OhioRISE Center of Excellence (COE) will be fully responsible for providing statewide professional development activities related to the Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS assessment tool, including live training, technical assistance, coaching, office hours, and the development of practice communities.

Please be aware that following CANS training with the COE, you must register on the Praed Foundation’s website and complete the exam to become a certified assessor. The cost of the exam will be waived with a coupon code you will receive upon completion of the training. You can find the dates/times and registration links for training and office hours here.

The CANS assessment tool is a support tool in the clinical decision-making process to determine eligibility into OhioRISE and level of care and service planning.

As a reminder, all assessors must maintain certification in the new Ohio CANS with the Praed Foundation, which requires completion of the TCOM (Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management) and Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS Comprehensive training. Currently certified assessors who have completed certification on other versions of the CANS will meet Ohio CANS certification requirements if they also complete a 2.5-hour virtual Ohio CANS booster training. This “grandfathered” group must obtain the new Ohio CANS certification at their annual recertification date.

Are you interested in participating in a CANS focus group to help ODM understand the usability and efficacy of the assessment tool? You can register using this form.


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