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OhioReach Post Secondary Designation for Foster Youth-Friendly Campuses is Live

The Ohio Children's Alliance is excited to announce that the Ohio Reach Postsecondary Designation is live.

The Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education released a Directive today, encouraging Ohio Postsecondary Institutions (public and independent universities and colleges, community colleges, and Ohio technical centers) to support students with a history in foster care by becoming designated.

This is an important step toward creating inclusive campuses that support our students with a foster care history and we are excited to welcome new institutions to our programming.

The designation will provide students with a network of institutions and resources to empower them as they assess options for pursuing higher education pathways that can provide the financial, career, and academic supports they may look for.

It will also create a stronger network amongst supportive institutions to benchmark and collaborate to share resources and successful methodologies, increasing the opportunities for foster care connected students to achieve success in higher education and career pathways. Please feel free to share this information with any colleagues or connections.

All details and the application can be found here: and here: and more information can be found here:


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