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OhioMHAS Releases Strategic Plan

OhioMHAS recently announced its Strategic Plan for 2021-2024. The new plan has been aligned with goals established by the RecoveryOhio Advisory Council and the Governor’s Ohio Minority Health Strike Force Blueprint.

The new plan is organized around four strategic focus areas: innovation, coordination, collaboration, and culture, as well as four cross-cutting priorities: health equity and cultural competency, communication and collaboration, workforce development, and data collection in analysis.

One of the strategic goals under the "innovation" category of note is the Department's commitment to "increase the capacity of youth and early childhood prevention, early identification and intervention, treatment and recovery supports". We look forward to working with the Department to meet these goals.

OhioMHAS Director Lori Criss held a webinar on June 9 to discuss these priorities which can be seen by clicking HERE.


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