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ODM Announces CANS IT System Go-Live on Today

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) is pleased to announce that on May 2, the Ohio Children’s Initiative Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) Information Technology (IT) System will launch for use across Ohio’s child-serving systems. ODM encourages you to act now to prepare to access the CANS IT system and to provide CANS assessment services to Ohio’s children and youth.

The CANS was developed with leadership from Governor DeWine’s Children’s Initiatives and Ohio’s child-serving state agencies to inform care planning and decision-making for children and adolescents with behavioral health needs. Certified Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS assessors are expected to use the CANS to gather all information about the child/youth and family story to describe their strengths and needs.

The new CANS IT System will:

  • Document CANS assessments and reassessments/updates with a youth/caregiver. Certified Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS assessors will register and use the system to document these assessments in a single location.

  • Support ODM’s cross-system goal of “one child, one CANS” and ensure that youth/caregivers do not need to retell their stories.

  • Improve care continuity and collaboration. Outputs/results are accessible to assessors and care team members, promoting cross-system coordination in real time.

  • Produce and review immediate Decision Support Model outputs and recommendations.

  • Record information about the child/youth and their caregiver(s) within one shared system.

  • Track trends and outcomes to identify gaps and inform access and capacity improvement efforts.

To prepare to access the CANS IT System on May 2, ODM recommends that you take the following steps:

  1. Obtain your Ohio Children’s Initiative CANS certification

  2. Enroll as a Medicaid provider in order to bill for CANS assessments

  3. Learn how to use the CANS IT System through training launched by ODM this week

To find the resources to guide you through these steps, visit the CANS Resources page of the OhioRISE webpage. If you have questions about the OhioRISE program, please send a message to


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