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ODJFS Workforce Legislation Now in Effect

Senate Bill 239, signed by Governor DeWine in June, would allow for unlicensed individuals to become treatment staff within private agencies, and establishes training requirements for these individuals. Implementation of this bill began this month. What does it mean?

Agencies who want to take advantage of this flexibility have to utilize a training plan for these individuals covering specific topics for the foreseeable future.

ODJFS released Procedure Letter 395, which outlines the process for private agencies to submit training curricula. Below are highlights from the PL:

  • Agencies cannot utilize non-licensed treatment staff prior to submitting a training plan.

  • Once the training curriculum has been submitted, ODJFS will have 60 days to review and approve/disapprove.

  • The training program submission should include the prescribed cover sheet.

  • The training program must include learning objectives from ORC section 5135.122 (a), (b), (c), (g),(h), (j), and (l)

  • Non-licensed professional treatment staff must complete an ODJFS approved training within one year from the date of utilization as a professional treatment staff.

Are you utilizing the SB 239 flexibilities? Contact and tell us about your experience!


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