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ODJFS Tiered Foster Care Initiative Moves Into Pilot Phase; New Draft Documents Shared

As many of you know, ODJFS is currently leading an initiative to standardize a three-tier Tiered Foster Care (TFC) system, which would change the treatment foster care landscape statewide for public and private agencies as well as youth and families.

They have also stood up a Workgroup and several subgroups to provide feedback on and help shape the work. The Workgroup meetings will be paused in November and December and a Pilot Tiered Foster Care system will be established in the coming weeks. Currently, the public agencies participating in the Pilot are undergoing training with ODJFS, and private agencies are being identified for participation.

Recently, ODJFS discussed two draft documents with the Tiered Foster Care Workgroup:

The Caregiver Support Document would not be required, but could be completed by the treatment team in collaboration with the foster parent to identify any needed supports. The Caregiver Assessment Tool would need to be completed by a licensing assessor for each caregiver as an initial assessment and again each time a child is placed to determine the caregiver’s qualifications.

As a reminder, under the Tiered Foster Care system, both children and foster families would need to be placed into a particular tier corresponding to needs and/or skills. Foster families would not be licensed by tier, but would be identified and placed into a particular tier after being licensed.

Please review these and share any questions/comments/feedback with

You and the families you serve can also share any feedback on any portion of the Tiered Treatment Foster Care work to


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