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ODJFS Prescribes Overpayment Procedures for Kinship Support Program Funds

ODJFS recently released information outlining Kinship Support Program overpayment procedures through Families and Children Letter (FCL) #017.

This document provides background information and guidance regarding the process for ODJFS to identify overpayment of KSP, to notify kinship caregivers when a KSP overpayment has occurred, and the steps necessary for ODJFS to resolve or collect any overpayment of KSP.

Additionally, this process includes the assurance that kinship caregivers are notified of their rights for a state hearing related to denial or termination of KSP, as well as any action related to recoupment of any overpayment of KSP. It is important that kinship caregivers, agencies, and communities be aware of this new procedural process.

As a reminder, the Kinship Support Program was established as Ohio's response to DO v Glisson and was passed as an amendment added to SB 310, a capital spending bill to pay for state and local building projects in 2020. The Kinship Support Program aims to provide financial payments to kinship caregivers of kids in state custody while they work to become licensed foster caregivers.


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