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Next Generation Managed Care Delays Announced

The Ohio Department of Medicaid announced that it will not implement the new Next Generation managed care plans or the full Ohio Medicaid Enterprise System (OMES) on December 1.

Instead, ODM will launch the Next Generation managed care plans and program requirements on February 1, 2023. They will also implement the new Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) at this time. Subsequently, ODM will fully launch OMES modules to provide streamlined processes for claims, prior authorizations, and other administrative tasks for providers.

In the meantime, ODM states that providers should continue conducting business as you do today on and after December 1 – including the processes, procedures and systems used today to submit claims, prior authorizations and complete other administrative functions. The Department will provide more information about the upcoming implementation for members and providers in the coming weeks, and asks that you please reach out to the Next Generation mailbox with questions.


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