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News Roundup: ODJFS

In the last month, The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) has released several updates pertinent to the family and children services sector. Here's a roundup of their announcements:

The Department has recently released Family, Children, and Adult Services Procedure Letter No. 382 which provides updated COVID-19 guidance for agencies and reflects new information obtained from the Children's Bureau. Agencies will need to determine how to best apply the provided guidance to local conditions and clearly document this decision-making rationale in the case record. You can also find additional information from the Ohio Department of Health as agencies determine how to respond to the pandemic conditions within their local communities. It is critical to recognize that this guidance is specific to agency interactions with families affected by COVID-19. If you have any additional questions, ODJFS recommends reaching out to your Licensing Specialist.


Two Procedure Letters, (PL) as well as policy and practice guidance, have been published that clarify information regarding placements in a non-QRTP after QRTP compliance is reached.

PL 381 further clarifies that a placement can be Title IV-E reimbursable in a non-QRTP upon becoming QRTP compliant, as long as the required 30-day CANS assessment and 60-day judicial determination timeframes are met.

PL 384 clarifies that for each IV-E eligible child placed in a non-QRTP setting on/after October 1, 2021, the requirements outlined in rule 5101:2-42-12 must be followed beginning on the effective date the agency is considered QRTP compliant.

Procedure Letter 381, as well as Procedure Letter 384, can be found here. In addition, Policy and Practice Guidance Document #18, which can be found here, provides comprehensive guidance regarding each area impacted by the latest federal guidance on non-QRTPs becoming QRTP compliant.


As many of you know, HB 110, Ohio's most recent state budget bill, allocated $5 million dollars in SFY 22 and SFY 23 each ($10 million total) for the purpose of foster care recruitment and retention. The Department has recently announced that they are utilizing this funding to provide an opportunity to support public and private agency foster home recruitment and retention efforts. More details will be included in a forthcoming procedure letter, but it has been indicated that applications including plans to elevate treatment foster care providers will be prioritized.


As you may know, ODJFS and OhioMHAS are seeking input on training topics pertinent to the key QRTP requirements. They ask that you please take a moment to complete this needs survey to identify training topics and potential training partners to best meet your needs. This survey will be available until Friday, February 18, 2022.


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