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Molina Now Offers Non-Emergent Transportation Services to Food Resources

Molina recognizes that COVID-19 has created challenges for everyone, adding layers of complexity to routine tasks, such as getting food. As the health plan continues to focus on social determinants of health for our member’s overall health and wellbeing, is offering transportation to food resources.

Transportation to Food Resources Include:

· Food Bank or Pantry

· Grocery Store with a prescheduled food order (curbside pick-up)

· Grocery Delivery with a prescheduled order

· Grocery Store Drop off and Pick Up

You can start connecting members to this service immediately! If a member expresses the need for a trip to get food, refer them to Access2Care for scheduling by calling 1-866-642-9279 (Medicaid) and 1-844-491-4761 (MyCare). Here are a few ways you might find out a member needs this service:

· During case management or other healthcare related support services. This is especially important for our pregnant members or those with chronic conditions like diabetes.

· During a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) in which the member mentions food insecurity and/or unreliable transportation

· During a call to member services


When scheduling the ride for the member, is it any different than NEMT transportation?

· The same transportation rules apply; no same-day trip requests will be approved and no extensions beyond the Molina benefit limit.

· When scheduling the trip, mention this is a food trip. The transportation broker keeps track of these trip types and reports utilization information back to Molina

Can the member be dropped off at the grocery and picked up at a later time?

· Yes, however, we strongly encourage pre-scheduled orders for pick up or delivery because it will offer the member the best service.

· For pre-orders, the member should have their order number, store location and pick-up timeslot available at the time of scheduling as well as confirm they have sufficient funds to cover the order.

Molina would like to hear feedback from staff who are helping to arrange this as well as feedback from members. Please share your feedback by emailing Sara Huffman!


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