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It's National Foster Care Day!

Heroes are people who put others before themselves. No one is more deserving of this title than foster parents. Today is Foster Care Day, a time to reach out and say thank you to #childwelfareheroes who put the needs of children in foster care above their own.  

While our state continues to weather the COVID-19 pandemic and works to find proactive, solutions-based responses, we need foster parents more than ever, especially for teenagers.

As Rita Soronen shared in this recent interview, “We don’t want people to stop thinking about fostering or adopting.” 

Ohio foster care youth and alumni created two videos to encourage community members to become foster parents for teens and/or host homes for young adults. Marissa Alcorn and her chosen family shared how foster care brought them together. Jewel Harris shared a detailed look at why foster homes for teens matter, and what teens need from foster homes.

Please watch and share these videos to highlight the importance of and need for #childwelfareheroes.

Click here to find ways to get involved in community engagement on behalf of foster parents everywhere! 


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