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In Case You Missed It: CAPS LMS To Be Implemented for ODJFS-Licensed Agencies November 30

Recently, ODJFS sent information to public and private agencies about the new Child and Adult Protective Services (CAPS) Learning Management System (LMS). Here are the highlights:

A new learning management system will be implemented later this year to help connect the Office of Families and Children and its trainees. The Child and Adult Protective Services Learning Management System (CAPS LMS) will serve certain county and state employees as well as external populations including foster, adoptive, and kinship caregivers.

To facilitate the transfer to CAPS LMS, scheduled downtime dates for E-track and GoSignMeUp will be from November 18 – November 29, 2022. Users will not have access to any learning management system during this time.

Agencies will no longer have access to your completed certificates in the legacy systems once the downtime begins because previous certificates will not be available in CAPS LMS. If you need to show proof of your training certificates for licensure purposes, you must download, save, and/or print the relevant certificates by November 17, 2022.

CAPS LMS launches on November 30, 2022.


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