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Governor DeWine Second Inaugural Address Commits to Mental Health Progress

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Mike DeWine was recently sworn in for his second term as Ohio Governor and had a lot to say about mental health in his second inaugural address.

In his speech, the Governor talked about Ohio's future and the work yet to be done. In particular, he shared his desire for Ohio to be “the best state in the nation” for mental-health treatment, research, and prevention efforts."

The Governor's second inaugural address follows up on comments he previously made regarding his new two-year state budget plan which will be released in the coming weeks. FY24-25 plans are aimed at expanding Ohio’s mental-health services by putting millions toward expanded services, research, and job development.

Once the Governor's budget, due by January 31, is released, the state legislature will have months to reshape, renege, and renegotiate pieces of it. Stay tuned to Ohio Children's Alliance news for more updates on the budget process.

Click HERE to read the Governor’s second inaugural address.


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