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Governor DeWine Announces Release of 419.5 Million in CARES Act Dollars

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Governor DeWine recently announced a package of more than $419.5 million CARES Act funding will be released to help Ohioans impacted by the pandemic.

Of this funding, there are significant allocations for children and families, vulnerable populations, small businesses, nonprofits, and more:

  1. $50 million to Ohioans with an annual income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level to help pay for bills related to rent, mortgage and utilities. Starting November 2, 2020, Ohioans may now apply for assistance through their local Community Action Agency. A list of agencies can be found at

  2. $125 million to small businesses with no more than 25 employees. Every business that qualifies can receive $10,000 to pay various expenses. The application for the Small Business Relief Program became available November 2, 2020 at

  3. $100 million to higher education. Funding can be used for critical services, COVID-19 testing and mental health services. The Ohio Department of Higher Education is accepting applications from qualifying institutions of higher learning at This portal is now live with the first round of disbursements likely to happen next week.

  4. $25 million to nonprofits. These funds will be used for costs incurred throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, who is overseeing the distribution of its funds, has announced that applications will be accepted until Nov. 27. To access more information about the grants, or to apply, please visit:

Any grants awarded may be applied to remaining unemployment charge balances and/or can serve as a refund of such charges incurred due to COVID-19. If taken as a refund, the grants may be applied toward operational expenses.

This may not be the last of the assistance we see. There is still $480.5 million remaining in the CARES Act state share. Governor DeWine has said that right now he and legislative leaders are trying to address the most pressing needs while holding some money back "just in case".


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