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FFPSA Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse Releases New Resource and More Program Ratings

The Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse, which was created to conduct reviews of research on programs and services providing enhanced prevention supports to children and families as a result of FFPSA, recently released a new resource, entitled “Reporting Guide for Study Authors”.

It provides details on the information the Clearinghouse uses to determine a study’s eligibility for review, how it determines program or services ratings, and what it recommends for research reporting of studies submitted for Clearinghouse review.

The guide aims to facilitate the Prevention Services Clearinghouse review process and help study authors describe their studies completely and consistently. You can access the guide here.

Additionally, ratings are now available for the following programs and services:

  • Child First

  • Family Spirit®

  • Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD

  • Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Adolescents with PTSD

  • Triple P – Positive Parenting Program – Online (Level 4) (Re-Review)

These and other prevention services ratings can be found here.

The Clearinghouse has also added Child-Parent Psychotherapy (Re-Review) to their working list of programs and services planned for systematic review.


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