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Ohio Counselor and Social Worker Board Extends Teletherapy Flexibilities into July

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

At the end of January, the Counselor and Social Worker (CSWMFT) Board voted to extend the temporary suspension of enforcement of certain provisions of Rule 4757-5-13 (Teletherapy) until July 20, 2022. A revised rule was filed to match this decision and is currently moving through the regulatory process.

During the temporary suspension of enforcement, the following provisions of current Rule 4757-5-13 are waived:

  1. Requirement to hold an initial face-to-face meeting (in-person or via video).

  2. Requirement to obtain written consent prior to treatment.

  3. Use of a HIPAA-compliant platform that exceeds current U.S. Department of Health and Human Services guidance regarding remote communications during the federal COVID-19 nationwide Public Health Emergency.

The Board has stated that the suspension of enforcement should not be considered a permanent change to the Rule. However, we have been told that the CSWMFT Board is continuing to review the rule and anticipates some changes to support access to services, while ensuring the public is protected.


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