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Clearinghouse Releases New Ratings including Ohio Kinship Navigator Program ProtectOHIO

The Prevention Services Clearinghouse released the following program ratings this week. The program ratings released are:

  • Aggression Replacement Training®-Promising

  • Child-Parent Psychotherapy (Re-review)-Promising

  • Circle of Security – Intensive™-Does Not Meet Criteria

  • Circle of Security – Parenting™-Does Not Meet Criteria

  • Familias Unidas-Well Supported

  • Familias Unidas – eHealth-Does Not Currently Meet Criteria

  • Family Centered Treatment (Re-Review)-Supported

  • Helping Women Recover + Beyond Trauma-Does Not Meet Criteria

  • Ohio’s Kinship Supports Intervention/ProtectOHIO (Re-review)-Promising

  • Parenting Wisely – Teen Edition-Does Not Meet Criteria

  • Parenting Wisely – Young Child Edition-Does Not Meet Criteria

  • Parenting with Love and Limits®-Supported

  • Safe Environment for Every Kid (SEEK™)-Does Not Meet Criteria

This brings the program count to:

  • 11 well-supported ​

  • 12 supported​

  • 19 promising​

  • 31 does not meet criteria​

  • 14 programs under review (includes 1 re-review)

Of note is the new rating for ProtectOHIO. The clearinghouse announced in September that it would reconsider the candidacy of Ohio’s Kinship Supports Intervention program, also known as ProtectOHIO. The clearinghouse dismissed the findings in March 2020 due to issues over “baseline equivalence,” essentially saying it was not clear if the comparison group and treatment group were enough alike.

One of the evaluation’s co-authors, Cailin Wheeler, re-ran the data to conform with the clearinghouse’s standards, and believed the findings would hold up. More than a year later, the clearinghouse has deemed it promising. The Ohio model, now approved, is now officially the first kinship navigator to do so.


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