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Bi-Partisan Foster Care Workforce Bill Passes Ohio House

In the fall of 2021, two companion Foster Care Workforce bills were introduced: House Bill (HB) 442 and Senate Bill (SB) 239.

Both pieces of legislation aim to expand the current requirements for private agency treatment staff to include the prerequisites already utilized by the same staff at public agencies. It would also expand the individuals eligible to perform the duties of a Home Assessor to include individuals with bachelor’s degrees in certain relevant human services fields related to children and families.

HB 442, which is sponsored by Representatives Sharon Ray and Jason Stephens, has been quickly moving through the legislature, garnering support from both sides of the aisle. This bipartisan legislation passed 84-1 on December 8 and now moves to the Senate.

“This is a huge win for the foster care system,” said Stephens. “These children need our help finding more stability and this bill creates fairness and better access for home assessors to help get this children into that environment."

We are appreciative of the bills' sponsors for their hard work to ensure children are placed in safe and stable homes sooner and their dedication to children services transformation.


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