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Child and Family Health Collaborative of Ohio

Join Us!

Collaborative enrollment is available to any Ohio Children’s Alliance member, and can provide you access to various services and contracts with government agencies and health plans.

Member Benefits Include:

  • Value-based payment arrangements with health plans to promote quality outcomes.

  • Network provider agreements with health plans.

  • Group discounts with health care billing clearinghouse providers and other products and services.

  • Access to provide services for the State of Ohio’s extended foster care program, Bridges, serving young adults  18-21 years of age in Ohio.

To Join Our Collaborative:

  • You must first be a member of the Ohio Children’s Alliance.
    Learn Member Levels & Benefits >

  • Once you’ve joined the Ohio Children’s Alliance, Collaborative membership requires payment of a ONE-TIME enrollment fee, equal to 25% of your Ohio Children’s Alliance annual membership dues.

  • Collaborative membership is NOT a recurring fee, like Ohio Children’s Alliance membership.

  • If you’re already an Ohio Children’s Alliance member:
    Email Lorie Stadtmiller for more information >

Group Meeting
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