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Children Need Amazing Foster Parents
What is CHAMPS?

CHAMPS is a national coalition promoting policies around best practices and support for foster parenting “so more children will be safe and healthy, experience greater academic success, build healthy relationships, and leave foster care to join permanent families.”

CHAMPS is led by a coalition of organizations committed to creating brighter futures for children in foster care.

CHAMPS centers around six policy goals:

  1. Support relationships between birth and foster families

  2. Implement data-driven recruitment and retention practices

  3. Engage foster parents in decision-making

  4. Provide timely access to trusted, dedicated staff and peer support to foster parents

  5. Prioritize placements with family members and other family connections

  6. Ensure timely access to physical and mental health services

Stay Informed:

The playbook provides research-based policy recommendations and examples.

Get Involved:

Find other resources and opportunities to stay connected! Or Sign up to receive the latest recommendations on what you can do to support foster parents families.

Our CHAMPS Relationship

The Ohio Children’s Alliance is proud to be Ohio’s site for CHAMPS. Among its education and advocacy efforts, CHAMPS boasts a network of state-based organizations that mobilize and direct state advocacy campaign activities to bring awareness and support for foster parents and families.

Become a Champion!

CHAMPS asks that individuals and organizations show their support for these policy goals by signing the CHAMPS pledge. This helps further promote the highest quality foster parenting for children and youth in foster care.

Learn more about advocacy efforts here in Ohio!

Kate Rossman

Ohio Children’s Alliance Policy Coordinator

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