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ODJFS Announcements

Weekly Email 12/4/20

• Effective immediately, ODJFS is reinstating the use of Provisional Enrollments. A few things to
remember about these enrollments:
o Provisional enrollments can only be used for Employment or Program to Reduce Barriers
eligibility categories
o Provisional agreement (found on the Portal) is signed and dated by the young adult and Liaison
and, if approved, by ODJFS
o Within 30 days of VPA date, young adults must submit documentation showing they met
eligibility criteria
This documentation showing the young adult has met eligibility must be submitted to
ODJFS ( by the date indicated on the provisional
o ODJFS is tracking Provisional Enrollments
o If young adult did not meet eligibility criteria, Liaison must issue a Notice of
Ineligibility (NOI) with an effective date dated back to enrollment date
o If young adult has been enrolled provisionally and their eligibility criteria changes
before the provisional period has ended, you must contact/notify ODJFS
o Provisional Enrollment can only be used one time per young adult
o Ensure that the young adult has not been employed or participating in a program
for more than 30 days. If so, they do not qualify for provisional enrollment

Weekly Email 10/13/20

• If you need a date corrected for a housing, service tier, or a dependent record please send these
requests to your ODJFS Policy Developer vs. utilizing the Helpdesk. Doing so will ensure updates
happen quickly.

Weekly Email 8/7/20

• Information about the 21y/o age extension. This information should be immediately provided to
Participants who have remained in the program due to the age extension. Please reiterate to those
Participants that custody termination and case closure will need to occur on August 31, 2020.
Agencies should know that additional termination notices are not needed and that the reason
selected for closure is “Reached Age 21”. Since we have until the 31st, it is imperative that service
teams work these Participants to ensure they are connected to any additional resources needed to
continue their success. Please carefully assess each Participant's needs and planfully work them
toward termination.

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