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Advocacy is a pillar of the Ohio Children’s Alliance and a foundational goal.

Ultimately, our aim is to educate policymakers on child and family sector issues to aid them in decision-making and resource allocation.


We also want to ensure that our member agencies and the families they serve have the tools to communicate first-hand what changes are needed to improve the system. Their personal experiences and lessons learned are important components to educating public policymakers about child and family-serving systems and the continuum of services provided—including family mental health, foster care, day treatment, residential treatment, and much more.

Help Us Take Action!

Advocacy & Policy Tools for Your Use:
Legislator Resources:
Interested in partnering with us for advocacy?

Kate Rossman


Email or Write Your Legislator

View our tips and tricks document

Download our legislative letter template


Host a legislator at Your Organization

View our site visit guide for everything you need

Download our invitation & agenda template


Provide a Testimony About a Bill

View our resource guide to testify effectively

Download our testimony template to help you write


Meet with Your legislator About an Issue

We have you covered! Utilize our step-by-step guide

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