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Ohio Senator Announces Bill regarding Substance Exposed Infants

State Senator Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) recently introduced Senate Bill 216, also known as Dylan’s law, which would establish requirements the parent of an infant who has been exposed to substance abuse must meet before being reunited.

This stems from a horrible and shocking case in Scioto County involving newborn infant Dylan Grove. You can read more about the case here.

Under the bill, parents of substance-exposed infants must complete a course on caring for a newborn experiencing alcohol or drug withdrawal, complete an inpatient rehabilitation program and undergo, and be approved through a home study before being reunified with the child.

Upon reunification, parents would also be required to complete several requirements, including a visit from a PCSA caseworker once a month for three months, regular monthly examinations by health care professionals, and regular alcohol and drug testing. This legislation would not apply to infants that are exposed to substances as a result of the mother's medication-assisted treatment. You can read the bill text here.

We appreciate any feedback you have regarding this legislation. Please direct any questions or comments to


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