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Mental Health and the Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness in the Black Community

September 1st @ System of Care Conference, Ivye Gardner, MSW, LSW, HONOR with Class, Helping Others Navigate through Opposition Respectfully & With Class, will host a workshop session that discusses overcoming the different barriers that affect the black community pertaining to mental illness through utilizing different systems. We will discuss advocacy for help with change and improvement of public policy to assist with better mental health treatment services for the black community.

This workshop will identify the meaning of the word stigma and mental health and how it effects the black community perspective when facing mental illness in their community. We will help social service providers gain more understanding on how to effectively work with the black community when pertaining to mental health and mental illness.

This workshop will help the black community to understand our own barriers to treatment. We will give insight to how the community and providers can effectively work with the black community to improve mental health access and effectiveness.

Ivye Gardner has 19 years' experience in the social service field. She has her B.A. in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Social Work. Ivye is the CEO of HONOR WITH CLASS. She was inspired to open a community based mental health and addiction clinic because she saw the need for comprehensive and client centered services. Ivye loves people and desires for them to live life abundantly.

HONOR With Class, specializes in working with individuals who suffer from depression and anxiety. We're not limited to just working with depression and anxiety; we also work with individuals who feel stuck and need professional guidance to move forward.


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