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Foster Home Recertification and Adoption Timelines Extended a Second Time

At the beginning of the pandemic, the Ohio Legislature House Bill 197 included language to allow extension of foster home recertification and adoption updates through December 1, 2020. Now, a new piece of legislation would extend certification and update timelines even further.

Sub HB 404, passed just before Thanksgiving, includes language to allow ODJFS to further extend all foster home recertification and adoption updates. Pursuant to HB 404, ODJFS will be extending all foster care recertification and adoption updates scheduled to expire by April 1, 2021.

ODJFS and the SACWIS team will continue implementing data fixes to extend affected foster care and adoption spans due to expire between March 1, 2020 and April 1, 2021 until July 1, 2021. More information about these extensions can be found in a procedure letter released by ODJFS.


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