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Bridges Plan

Weekly Email 12/23/20

• Bridges Plan Goals: Please remember that at the very minimum, Bridges Plan goals should be
reviewed and updated every 90 days as part of the formal review process. Reviewing goals should
entail a conversation about progress on achieving goals, looking for potential barriers toward goal
achievement, reestablishing goals based on achievement or relevance of the goals. If the Participant
is having difficulty reaching their goals, please work with them to figure out what any problems might
be and then readjust accordingly. It is very important that they are able to reach their goals which
should be leading to their success toward self-sufficiency.

Weekly Email 10/1/20

• Just a reminder to be sure to add an activity log clearly indicating a copy of the signed Bridges Plan
was provided to the Participant. The requirement to send a copy of the signed plan to Participant is
seven (7) calendar days after they signed it.
o Also, proper coding of activity logs is essential. There are resources on the Portal to help guide
you through the proper coding. Refer to Activity Log Coding Guide for notes needed to
document visits outside of the home, court hearings, email correspondence and text
correspondence. The Case Closure Template, Monthly Home Visit Template, Supervisor
Activity Log Template and the Case Transfer Template all provide specific guidance for those

Weekly Email 9/9/20

• While we know we want our Participants to drive their Bridge's Plan goals and objectives, it is
important to have discussions with them about different areas in their lives that need help. I am
bringing this up because it's been noted lately that a few Participants only have one goal or some
very vague goals without much attention to the action steps or objectives needed to fulfill that goal.
The Bridges Assessment can feed the conversation with the Participants about setting goals;
prompting them may help with ideas about additional goals or areas they'd like to work on. Three to
four goals are likely sufficient to have at one time, but then as they are attained new ones should be
added. Please remember to review to review goals and objectives prior to meeting with Participants
and add any progress or revisions to your notes and update the Plan accordingly.

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