The Child and Family Health Collaborative of Ohio “Collaborative”, was established in March of 2017 as a social enterprise of Ohio Children’s Alliance, a not-for-profit organization itself founded in 1973.

The purpose of the Collaborative is to create opportunities for Ohio Children’s Alliance member organizations to collaborate with Health Plans, health care organizations, and government agencies. We leverage collaborative opportunities to innovate and improve health and social outcomes, achieve savings, foster health integration, and establish administrative efficiencies.

The Collaborative is governed by the Ohio Children’s Alliance Board of Directors and a Governing Council chaired by Mark Mecum (President), Bradley Bahl (Vice President), Gary Stammler (Treasurer), and Susan Ballard (Secretary).

Current Services

Value-based payment arrangements with health plans to promote quality outcomes

Delegated credentialing for independently licensed mental health practitioners

Network provider agreements with health plans

Bridges management, the State of Ohio’s extended foster care program + Bridges Provider Portal + ODJFS Bridges Website

Group discounts with health care billing clearinghouse providers and other products and services

Please contact the Collaborative’s Program Administrator Geoffrey Hollenbach to learn more about Bridges

Please contact Collaborative CEO Mark Mecum to learn more