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Our program initiatives are working to further our mission to “sustainably improve the provision of services to children, young adults, and families” through effective public policy, education offerings, organizational effectiveness, and coalition building.
Current Programs Include:
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Connecting Kids
with Care

Kids and families deserve access to comprehensive behavioral health care that is timely, effective, and in convenient locations. We are committed to improving this experience.

College Students

Ohio Reach

A support network program in higher ed institutions across the state of Ohio designed to support former foster youth as they pursue a certificate or degree.



Ohio’s program that extends foster care to eligible young adults by equipping those who age out of the system with housing, employment, and pursuit of higher education. 


A professional development and training program for former foster youth to help prepare, support and mentor those aging out of the foster care system.

Connecting Kids with Care

Connecting Kids & Families with Behavioral Health Care


Kids and families deserve access to comprehensive behavioral health care that is timely, effective, and offered in convenient locations. The Alliance is committed to improving this experience for families, which is why we launched the Connecting Kids with Care (CKC) project in 2020. 


Our goals include:


  1. Telehealth: We are enhancing the ability of community behavioral health providers to deliver behavioral health care through telehealth means.  Providers are being equipped with telehealth best practice training, access to technology solutions, and mini grants to take their programs to scale. 

  2. Same Day Access: We are training behavioral health providers to establish capability to serve patients who need initial mental health assessments during the same day they need the service, without appointments.

  3. Hospital Follow-Up Care: We are establishing a referral platform to connect children’s hospitals with community-based providers to provide follow-up care to children discharged from psychiatric hospitalization. 


Generous support for the project is provided by:

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Lori Stadtmiller, MBA

Healthcare Network Manager



Peer Mentors Program 


Meet our Spring 2021 Peer Mentors


The target population is current and former foster youth. The inaugural AmeriCorps class of mentors includes four members with foster care living experience. These members will mentor foster youth from across the state who are within a year of emancipating, or who have recently emancipated from the foster care system. Americorps members go through a week of training, learning key concepts in mentorship, social inequity, implicit bias, social determinants of health, leadership, and social justice in service to better prepare them to work with their Ohio mentees.


As part of the training program, members met with several stakeholders throughout Ohio to share their stories and the importance of accessing resources and leveraging the support of others. A centralized referral process has been created, and we will work with stakeholders from across the state to identify current and former foster youth desiring to have a mentor in their lives. Also part of the training program, each AmeriCorps member was placed at one of three sites in the Columbus area—The Village Network, UMCH Family Services, or The Buckeye Ranch—to work under experienced supervisors. Supervisors also take part in training and guiding our mentors during the process of working with young people as well as helping improve the professional development of our mentors through exposure to different aspects of their agency. Our goal is not only for our mentors to effectively improve the quality of life of young people in Ohio, but also to provide resources for our mentors to become stronger leaders in their communities even after their service term is over. 


We are confident that our program will produce direct impact on both the community and individual levels and are excited to see how it will grow in years to come.​


Are you interested in becoming part of our next mentor class beginning in August 2021? Please email Tina.


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Tina Jacob, MPH, C.H.E.S.

Program Manager