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Provider Enrollment Applications Temporarily Paused

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Beginning Aug. 1, ODM has temporarily stopped accepting provider enrollment applications as they are transitioning to the new Provider Network Management (PNM) module.

New providers should enroll by July 31 or plan to hold enrollment applications until Oct. 1. This means there will be a 60-day hiatus for new practitioner enrollment and thus claims would have to be held for them until Oct.

Beginning Aug. 31, all provider demographic and agent maintenance update functionality will be closed for conversion of data in MITS. Enrolled providers should update their demographic information in MITS by Aug. 30 or plan to hold updates until Oct. 1. This means there will be a pause on existing practitioner updates for 30 days, and depending on your situation, their claims may need held for 30 days.

Providers can visit the following link to the MITS Secure Portal Login for more information:


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