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Last Call: QRTP Funding Opportunity

As we reported in November, ODJFS announced they are once again releasing a funding opportunity to assist agencies certified by ODJFS and OhioMHAS in obtaining and maintaining compliance with the QRTP requirements.

This one-time $10,000 grant opportunity will provide resources and supports needed to meet QRTP requirements, as well as support the implementation of best practices to enhance agency programming and promote QRTP sustainability.

ODJFS released FCASPL 380 detailing the eligibility criteria, menu of service opportunities, and application link through the OCCRRA dashboard HERE. The application, which opened on November 15, 2021, must be submitted by January 16, 2022.

In addition, they have shared a New User Guide to support any agency who hasn’t yet created a user profile in the Ohio Professional Registry (OPR) through the OCCRRA dashboard. Questions regarding creating your new user profile can be emailed to the OPR at


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