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Changes Coming in ODJFS, ODE Leadership

ODJFS Assistant Director of Health and Human Services Kara Wente announced that she will be leaving the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

While this will be effective Sept. 18, her last day in the office will be Monday,

Sept. 13. Kara boasts 17 years of service to JFS, including the past two and a half years as assistant director and 6 years as deputy director of the Office of Family Assistance. As the Department searches for a new Assistant Director of Health and Human Services, Michael McCreight will serve in the interim.

State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria recently released a statement announcing plans to retire in September, after more than 30 years in public service. His last day will be Sept. 24. The State Board of Education affirmed its leadership’s recommendation Monday by appointing Stephanie Siddens, a long-time Ohio Department of Education (ODE) official, as the interim superintendent. Siddens is a 15-year veteran of ODE who serves as senior executive director of the Center for Student Supports.

She is replacing Deputy Superintendent John Richard in line to become interim superintendent. The board had voted to name Richard interim superintendent, but he soon after announced plans to leave the department shortly after Superintendent DeMaria does. Board President Laura Kohler said last week she and Vice President Charlotte McGuire intended to recommend Siddens.


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