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This web page is intended to connect child and family service providers with high-quality professional trainers in the field of child welfare and behavioral health.  Click below to view the directory of professional trainers affiliated with Ohio Children’s Alliance.

Trainer Directory

Apply to Become an Affiliated Trainer

  • Becoming a professional trainer affiliated with Ohio Children’s Alliance is a great opportunity to connect with potential customers and advance the field of child and family services.
  • There are no fees associated with affiliation and Ohio Children’s Alliance will not be directly involved in marketing, scheduling, payment, or any other aspect of your trainings.
  • Affiliated trainers are entitled to register for Ohio Children’s Alliance-sponsored events at the discounted member rate.
  • Eligibility Guidelines:
    • Agree to adhere to Ohio Children’s Alliance Core Values.
    • Agree to provide Full and Public Partner member organizations of Ohio Children’s Alliance a 10% discount, minimally, on all training conducted during your period of affiliation with Ohio Children’s Alliance.
    • Must have conducted five or more trainings to Ohio child welfare or behavioral health agencies within the last five years.


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