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Placement or Service Referrals

Public agencies and families are encouraged to contact the Ohio Children’s Alliance to submit a referral for the placement or services for a child or young adult. Prior to its distribution, the Alliance will ensure that identifying information about the child, such as a social security number, is removed from the referral notice. You should expect prompt replies directly from member agencies within 24-48 hours. ┬áIf you experience difficulty using the form, feel free to email the referral request to

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Use the navigation to the left or links below to browse the different services. Each page offers links directly to agencies located throughout Ohio that offer a wide array of services for children, including: foster care, treatment foster care, adoption, residential care, group care, independent living, specialized education services, behavioral health, programs for juvenile justice youth, and programs for developmentally disabled youth.

Behavioral & Developmental Care

Behavioral Health

Day Treatment / Partial Hospitalization

Delinquent or Unruly Youth

Developmentally Disabled Youth

Early Childhood Services

School-Based Mental Health

Independent & Transitional Living

Juvenile Sex Offenders

Residential Treatment

Substitute & Out of Home Care

Family Foster Care

Residential or Group Home Care


Independent Living

Shelter Care

Treatment Foster Care